Mariah Carey Dreams

Mariah Carey Dreams ad2

This year, Mariah Carey launches a new perfume for women, Dreamsa fragrance to awake even the most daring feelings. It is a sensual, feminine, flowery perfume that will draw any wearer into a world of seduction with its captivating notes. Mariah Carey Dreams promises to be fresh, pure yet sophisticated and elegant.

Mariah Carey Dreams opens with strong delicious aromas of salty caramelized apple and star mixed with bergamot and roasted almond scent, while the honeysuckle is mixed with delicate freesia and lily of the valley embodying a radiant, bright, and youthful impression. The base is made of musk, patchouli, tonka bean and vanilla from Madagascar – a perfect combination of the final notes to evoke the impression of warm skin.

Mariah Carey Dreams will be available as 50 and 100ml Eau de Parfum.

Mariah Carey Dreams flacon





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