Vince Camuto Fiori

Vince Camuto Fiori.jpg

Vince Camuto launches a new perfume for women, inspired by flowers and fresh air of the spring, named Fiori. Vince Camuto Fiori represents a delicate perfume made of flowers with an irresistible fresh air that will suit almost all women. Perfume is sealed in a luxurious bottle with a nice ribbon inspiring delicacy, elegancy and femininity. Vince Camuto Fiori is a limited edition perfume that will hit the stores later this month.

Vince Camuto Fiori opens to impress with sparkling notes of pink grapefruit mixed with white nectarine along with iris flowers and fresh freesia. The base impresses and lingers with creamy sandalwood and blue cedar notes.

Vince Camuto Fiori bottle

It is a nice perfume with a long-lasting aroma and a beautiful design. Women adoring glamour and stylish things will find this exquisite perfume priceless.

Vince Camuto Fiori will be available in 100ml Eau de Parfum.





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