John Galliano Before Midnight

John Galliano Before Midnight visual

Talented fashion designer John Galliano introduces its first men fragrance, Before Midnight. John Galliano Before Midnight is described as a joyful, modern and wild perfume for daring and elegant men. This fragrance boasts with an eccentric and glamorous smell that will seduce any woman. Before Midnight by John Galliano inspires an evening smell for men liking long crazy nights out with friends.

John Galliano Before Midnight promises an oriental/woody fragrance with a tantalizing and irresistible aroma. This perfume opens and impresses with green apple, white pepper and cardamom along with violet leaves, lavender and juicy plum notes. Dry amber, tonka bean, tobacco and woody tones make the final note leave a long and strong impressive of a handsome man.

John Galliano Before Midnight will be available as 50 and 100ml Eau de Toilette.







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