Stella McCartney Stella Summer

Stella McCartney Stella Summer Flacon Box

Famous English fashion designer Stella McCartney launches a summery new perfume for women, Stella Summer. Stella McCartney Stella Summer is the new flanker to 2003’s Stella McCartney Stella, and is more about a tastefully flowery perfume freshened with rosy notes. Despite its bright colorful design and stylish look, Stella Summer smells a pleasant, calm and soft aroma infused by roses and citrusy notes.

This years Stella McCartney Stella Summer edition is described to be a daily fragrance ideal for any occasion use, as it perfectly mixes flowers with fruity accords. It opens with cold notes of frozen lemon mixed with foamy aromas of fresh green apple along with base notes of rose, amber and peony.

Stella McCartney Stella Summer will be available this April as 100ml Eau de Toilette.





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