Swarovski Miss Aura

Swarovski Miss Aura Banner 1

Two years after launching Aura, Swarovski is unveiled a new fruity-floral butterfly-themed fragrance Miss Aura.

Swarovski Miss Aura will impress any woman with its soft, adorable, pleasant smell as well as a truly feminine, pure design. As the design suggests, Swarovski Miss Aura perfume got its inspiration from elegant butterflies’ flight.

Swarovski Miss Aura Banner 2

Created by noses Veronique Nyberg and Alienor Massenet, Miss Aura is softer than its predecessor. Swarovski Miss Aura has a nice combination of herbs and citrusy notes. With an opening fruity scent of pink grapefruit, litchi and ivy, along with flowery notes of roses and Buddleia flowers. The base sensually melts and leaves a tempting aroma made of wood, vetiver and dark patchouli notes. Miss Aura is a pure indulgence, as well as an aromatic new perfume for most delicate, sensual women.


Swarovski Miss Aura Flacon

Inspired by the original Aura, the bottle is covered with pink and silver butterflies taking flight. The top of the bottle features a Swarovski crystal.

Swarovski Miss Aura is availble as 30 and 50 ml. Eau de Toilette (€40 – €60).






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