Burberry Golden Light



Burberry is launching a festive edition of their luxury make-up and fragrance line adorned in gold for the Christmas season. The beautiful collection is called Golden Light and comprises of make-up base, lipstick, lipgloss and nailpolish with gold particals, a limited edition Body Gold Eau de Parfum and a Body Cream.

  • Burberry ‘Golden Light’ Fresh Glow Nude Radiance  01,  £34
  • Burberry ‘Golden Light’ Lip Mist Festive Gold 216, £ 22.50
  • Burberry ‘Golden Light’ Lip Glow Trench Kiss 24,  £18.50
  • Burberry ‘Golden Light’ Nail Polish Light Gild 107,  £15


Introducing the Burberry Golden Light beauty collection in nude gold shades.


Instant radiance with Fresh Glow from Burberry.


Capture the light with Burberry Lip Glow in Trench Kiss, the limited edition festive shade.


High-gloss nail polishes in celebratory gold packaging from Burberry Nails.

Happy ‘Golden’ Holidays!





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