Coach Signature Summer

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Coach is a high-end fashion label of the most luxurious and elegant clothing, accessories and perfumes in the world. Founded in 1941, Coach is still charming and seduces perfume lovers with its impossible to forget perfumes. Coach crafts stylish and modern handbags, glamorous sunglasses, watches, wallets and truly exquisite perfumes. The design house of Coach tailors luxurious items only from the most beautiful, high-end quality materials. The same approach has all Coach Perfumes. All of them are crafted of unique notes, natural essences and passion to details.



This summer Coach launches a new perfume for women special for hot summer days. Coach Signature Summer will be a thrilling and feminine perfume with a pleasant aroma ideal for daily use. This perfume will add a little of glamour and chic to any women, yet calm and pleasant enough to be loved by anyone. Even though Signature Summer is a summer fresh perfume, it is intense enough to follow a women all day long.

Coach Signature Summer is composed of sweet and long-lasting notes of lotus mixed with white peony flowers along with base notes of vanilla and orchid bouquet.

Coach Signature Summer 2014This summers Coach Signature Summer preserves fashion house’s flacon design, while the ‘C’ logo is colored in yellow and blue color.

Coach Signature Summer will be available as limited edition 50ml Eau de Toilette.





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