Chanel Chance Shimmering Products

chanel chance.png

Chanel is unveiling three new shimmering products for the body.  Unfurling the notes of Chance, Chance Eau Fraiche and Chance Eau Tendre, they perfume and illuminate the skin with a subtle pearly sheen in three different formats…

chanel chance 2.png


Chanel Chance Shimmering Body Cream

This has a rich and silky texture to moisturise the skin and finish it in an iridescent sheen. Featuring the floral scent of Chance, a 200ml jar costs €69.50.

Chanel Chance Eau Fraiche Shimmering Touch

This has a velvety gel texture to enhance the skin and deposit a delicate shimmer – great for highlighting your décolleté, your collar bones, the high points of your shoulders.  This one has the fresh scent of Chance Eau Fraiche and a 25g jar costs €50.

Chanel Chance Eau Tendre Shimmering Powdered Perfume

This one, this one, this one!  This is a shimmering powder and a powder puff to deposit a cloud of powder which leaves a fine dusting of shimmer behind.  This is a very subtle shimmer with the fruity-floral scent of Chance Eau Tendre.  25g of powder will sell for €60.

All are limited edition, so catch them while you can! What would be your favorite?…

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