Montale Orange Aoud and Montale Aoud Melody

Montale Paris Shop_header

The house of French perfumer Pierre Montale was officially founded in Paris in 2003, although the designer created signature scents for Saudi Arabian kings, queens and aristocrats prior to striking out on his own. Known for his signature aluminum bottles that protect his fragrances from adverse, light-altering occurrences, Montale is renowned for introducing the Western World to his own signature brand of exotic, alluring Middle Eastern and Oriental scent notes.

Each of Montale’s men’s, women’s and unisex offerings are created from high-quality, natural materials such as sandalwood, cedar, rose and patchouli. His production house manufactures the scents in large batches to intensify the bouquets of the final products, as well as to ensure each creation’s optimal long-wearing capabilities.

Montale Aoud Melody & Orange Aoud Banner

Now Montale launches two wonderful perfumes, specially designed for the beautiful upcoming season, Montale Orange Aoud and Montale Aoud Melody. The precious Oud is the key ingredient in both fragrances, which make them to leave behind an irresistible and priceless aroma. Orange Aoud and Aoud Melody come in the caramel color bottles inspiring two sweet and delicious perfumes.

Montale Orange Aoud Orange

Montale Aoud Orange Flacon.

Montale Aoud Orange is composed of Aoud from Malaysia combined with priceless notes like bergamot and saffron along with patchouli, violet and rose petals accords. The base sweetly melts with long-lasting notes like sandalwood from Mysore, leather, oak moss and precious white musk.


Montale Aoud Melody


AOUDMELODYMontale Aoud Melody is more intense and more elegant infused with leather notes, spices and cloves along with saffron, elemi resins, roses, ylang-ylang, Egyptian jasmine and delicate rose. The creamy base dries down with amber, sandalwood and musk.





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