Paris-based fragrance boutique develops a scent inspired by ‘The Grand Budapest Hotel’



In honour of his film ‘The Grand Budapest Hotel’, director Wes Anderson tasks a French perfumer to create a scent inspired by his lead character.

During its premiere at The Berlin International Film Festival, Wes Anderson was helped by Prada to celebrate the debut of his new film ‘The Grand Budapest Hotel’. Now, in further promotion of his movie, he has tasked Paris-based fragrance boutique ‘Nose’ to create a scent inspired by the film’s lead character – Gustave H, played by Ralph Fiennes, who never leaves his apartment without a spritz of his favourite cologne L’Air de Panache


Anderson approached several perfumers to create the scent before assigning the task to Paris-based fragrance boutique, ‘Nose’. According to the perfumer Mark Buxton, Anderson allowed great room for experimentation. The perfume fuses scents of basil, bergamot, mandarin, green apple, jasmine, rose and musk, patchouli and cedar.

The Grand Budapest Hotel L’Air de Panache is available to sample at the Nose boutique in Paris, and some limited edition bottles are available to win via the company’s website.






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