Bond No.9 Shelter Island


American fragrance company Bond No.9 pays tribute to the city of New York (and the area around it) through the art of perfumery. Founded in 2003 by perfume industry verteran Laurice Rahmé, and named for the adress of its headquartersand boutique at 9 Bond Street in NoHo, the company’s fragrances immortalize iconic New Yourk landmarks and geography, with colorful packagingand innovative scents.

Now Bond No.9 releases one more thrilling perfume, named Shelter Island – inspired by the sea breeze with a dry salty air. Bond No.9 Shelter Island is a fresh perfume ideal for summer days. It is nice and pleasant fragrance with a soft and clean smell, as its main ingredient is oud. Despite it is a fresh perfume, the fragrance will last for many hours leaving behind a magic aroma of an elegant perfume.Bond-No.9-Shelter-Island-Flacon-Box

For the first time, Bond No.9 used fresh aquatic notes with oud to make an unusual perfume that will capture a lot of attention due to its fresh, yet relaxing charming aroma. Also, it blends tartness of lemon, cold black pepper notes along with sandalwood, amber, myrrh and musk.

Bond No.9 Shelter Island will be available as 50 and 100ml Eau de Parfum.





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