Perfection frozen in time: Armand Basi Rose Glacée

Armand Basi Rose Glacée

Pink is trendy, fashionable in its many declensions. It is the colour that identifies femininity. A young and avantgarde fragrance which is elegant and modern. The rose as the highest expression of femininity, but also of defiance and sassiness…

The rose is the flower par excellence. The universal flower, recognized the world over as a representation of the mystery of the feminine. It is the most perfect flower. Her beauty is a delight for the eyes; she is fragrant, Baroque, splendid, intoxicating to smell, velvety soft and fragile. But it is also treacherous, rebellious and defiant: her protective thorns will prick the hand that attempts to cut her.


The fresh floral fragrance composition was created by Francoise Caron in 2011. At the opening, there are invigorating and ‘icy cold’ notes of grapefruit, lemon and green apple. ‘Yves Piaget’ rose in the heart is combined with an unusually sensual tones of rich cinnamon and juicy apricot. Base notes of light wood, crystal musk and amber leave a warm trail.

  • A sparkling and young top note of green apple in a stimulating alliance with fruity and citrussy notes of grapefruit and lemon.
  • A  bright and feminine middle note in which the Piaget rose reigns supreme, recalling, with its petals trimmed like lace, a morning in May. The original harmony of intense cinnamon and peach nectar surprises the senses.
  • A bottom note of light woods, amber and musk crystals is sensual and woody.


Glacée’ is a French word that means frozen. The bottle is light and feminine, with a rounded shape. Made of opaque, glazed glass, with a frosted pink tint, its tinged finish reflects the icy freshness of the fragrance. The rose-shaped cap is the fine detail that represents the spirit of ROSE GLACÉE: Metallic in texture, fresh inappearance, it plays with geometry, mimicking the folds of a modern paper flower. The bottle design is both elegant and classic and modern and avant-garde at the same time, created in a way that reflects the duality of the concept of this fragrance.

Armand Basi Rose Glacée is available as 30, 50 and 100 ml Eau de Toilette with an accompanying body care collection.



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