Agent Provocateur Say No More!

London’s Soho has long been the beating heart of the city’s counterculture. It was here, in 1994, that Agent Provocateur threw open the doors of its very first boutique. Instantly different, daring, and irreverent, the brand carved out its now notorious fearlessly feminine narrative.

I’m sexy and I know it!

Shaking up lingerie shopping for good, Agent Provocateur gave women – and men – new permission to explore, embrace and celebrate sexuality. Directional, luxurious, sensual lingerie designed to empower the wearer, combined with our unwaveringly provocative attitude, placed them as one the world’s most desirable iconic British brands.

Today, they’re a global company staying true to their roots. Exceptional design, a commitment to creativity and a desire to be different at every opportunity are at the heart of what they do. The chic sexy label’s Shelby bikini is almost an artwork, so finely and beautifully does its glam retro cut remodel the body. Available in metallic black, it’s going to create havoc on the beaches: “I’m sexy and I know it!“.

Come into the beautiful world of Agent Provocateur.

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