An Ode To Femininity by Pasquale Bruni at Louis Julian & Fils

1862. The Julian family settles in Cannes. A judicious choice, for hot on Lord Brougham’s heels, the British, European and Russian aristocracy was discovering it. In the second half of the 19th century this peaceful fishing village gradually took on the character of a high-end seaside resort, with Belle Epoque hotels and residences becoming part of the landscape, as did Julian the jeweller. The first Julian boutique was located at 43 Rue Félix Faure, opposite the Old Harbour.

The boutique on Rue d’Antibes opened in 1937, the address chosen by Louis Julian. In the ensuing years, he and his daughter Martine grew the business’s reputation until Louis Julian was seen as a reference in jewellery and also watchmaking. Today Louis Julian is an official retailer for the biggest names in watchmaking as well as offering an extensive choice of precious jewellery selected from among leading jewellers’ recent lines.

Since May, Louis Julian & Fils jewellers in Cannes has been displaying the poetic, sensual, colourful creations by Pasquale Bruni, the Italian jewellery house that has become a world reference since it was started in Valenza in 1976. Its suites composed of hundreds of tiny flowers twine around neck or wrist or nestle into ear lobes so sensually, like elegant little sculptures in white or yellow gold; their inspiration is nature and love and their sole focus women. Eugenia Bruni, Pasquale’s daughter, is now artistic director of the collections, perpetuating the creativity of the firm’s jewellery through this ode to femininity.

Come into the beautiful world of Louis Julian & Fils

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