Narcisco by Narcisco Rodriguez

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The sensuality that is present in my work is due in part to my Latin heritage. I strive to celebrate women’s sexuality, her sensuality, and to do it in a graceful way, not in an overbearing way.

Narcisco Rodriguez

White, black and nude are the colors fashion designer Narcisco Rodriguez returns to time and again as the touchstones for signature pieces in each season’s new collection; and as such, the stunning simplicity of the bottle for the newly launched Narcisco parfum reflects the enduring grace and feminine allure of this continuing triumvirate of his creative inspiration.


They are my essential colors. Each time I start a collection, I start with these colors; they are the elemental colors we refer to from the beginning. The stone-white color of the bottle was matched to a stone I found on the shore in Cypress on a visit to Aphrodite’s birthplace.”

Narcisco Rodriguez

Created by Aurelien Guichard, Narcisco is a uniquely sexy fragrance. The fragrance transforms notes of vetiver, the most elegant note from the classic woody family, with a daring olfactory composition that encapsulates intense femininity. While musk remains the signature heart of the scent, it’s a voluptuous musk softened by amber, providing warmth and sensuality. Assertive woody notes of vetiver and luminous white and dark cedars meet tender florals, lucid gardenia and soft radiant bulgarian rose to create a singular synthesis both bold and subtle. The result: A seductive most feminine fragrance that lingers and endures.

Narcisco by Narcisco Rodriguez.jpg

The Brazilian model Raquel Zimmermann is revealed as the face of the Narcisco fragrance campaign by Narcisco Rodriguez.

Zimmermann appears in the new images with barely-there makeup, wet hair and a Mona Lisa-esque pose. The black and white shots were created to advertise the new Narcisco by Narscisco Rodriguez fragrance which is described as having notes of white gardenia and rose and black and white cedar.


The chic bottle features a simple font with the name displayed prominently in pure black.




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