L’Occitane new Limited Edition Karité Fouetté


Once again an exciting news for all L’Occitane lovers, another great Limited Edition line will be available from October and more precisely the new Karité Fouetté/ Whipped Shea Butter Line. Shea Butter is an ideal beauty ingredient used by women (and men) in Africa to help nourish and protect their skin. L’Occitane uses Shea Butter from Burkina Faso, harvested in a sustainable and fair trade partnership with the women who produce it.

 L’Occitane Limited Edition Karité Fouetté Shower Foam


The Karité Fouetté Whipped Shower Foam is so much fun to apply and even though it is clear in the bottle it is surprisingly creamy. I love how soft it leaves my skin!


L’Occitane Limited Edition Karité Fouetté Body Cream


This is an extraordinarily nourishing range and the whipped body cream feels wonderful to apply. The consistency is airy and it glides onto ones skin with ease. This is an immensely moisturising body cream and I find that the lightness works especially well in summer, because you don’t want anything heavy or sticky.


L’Occitane Limited Edition Karité Fouetté Hand Cream


The final part of this trio is the hand cream. It’s excellent and moisturises without any trace of grease. L’Occitane have hand creams down to an art at this point and the added cute factor with this one is the little ‘mouth’ of the tube which ‘whips’ the cream as you squeeze it out.

This new line will be a real treat for the body as the high concentration of Shea Butter and the light airy whipped formula with a delicate scent will melt into your skin while nourishing it and protecting it (what else would you expect from L’Occitane).

The new L’Occitane Limited Edition Karité Fouetté range will include: Whipped Shower Foam (150ml), Whipped Body Cream (125ml), and Hand Cream (30ml), and is available at L’Occitane boutiques. Come into the beautiful world of L’Occitane.