Music Icon Marth Wash Releases Anticipated Single ‘Dream On’

Today, pop and dance music icon Martha Wash announced the release of her much anticipated single, ‘Dream On’, a fresh, rousing version of the Aerosmith classic. ‘Dream On’ is the latest single from Ms. Wash’s critically-acclaimed album ‘Something Good’ – which marks the two-time Grammy nominee’s first offering in 20 years and the first official album on her own independent record label, Purple Rose Records.

Started as one of Sylvesters background singers in the 70’s, Martha Wash’s distinctive, powerhouse voice has guided some of pop and dance music’s biggest hits straight to the top of the charts – from the perennial classics ‘Earth Can Be Like Heaven’ and ‘It’s Raining Men’ to #1 Billboard hits like ‘Everybody, Everybody’, ‘Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now)’, and ‘Give It To You’, just a few to name, in a lóng list of dance-floor fillers.

Considered to be one of the music industry’s most respected artists, the legendary singer recently reclaimed her position on the top of the charts with her last single ‘I’m Not Coming Down’. The song quickly shot up the Billboard Dance Chart to the #2 position. In fact, since its release last year, the Something Good set has generated three well-received singles, including the stirring ballad and lead single ‘I’ve Got You’. Following the success of the album’s previous singles, ‘Dream On’ promises to continue that hot streak and has already been picked up by online outlets and mainstream radio stations nationally and internationally and is rapidly gaining traction.

Dream On is indicative of the direction I chose to take with the entire album. I am so proud of Something Good, because it really showcases my versatility. I’m giving you the dance flavor, but I’m also giving you pop, soul and a little Aerosmith…all Martha-ized. It’s been 20 years since people have heard new music from me, so I am trying to reach everyone with this one. I want them to see how I’ve grown musically.

Martha Wash

She continues, “This album is also special because it signifies the first official lift-off for Purple Rose Records. My vision for this label is to provide an opportunity, not only for my own music to be heard, but for other artists who need a platform as well. This is me moving my career to the next level”

Purple Rose Records is slated to release a plethora of new music in early spring of 2015, including singles from the First Ladies of Disco (Linda Clifford, Evelyn Champagne King & Martha Wash) and Bill Wadham (lead vocalist of 80’s pop band Animotion).

Purchase the ‘Something Good’ album at your local store, at Amazon or iTunes. Come into the beautiful world of Martha Wash.

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