L’Occitane’s Arlésienne


Inspired by the unique silhouette of a mysterious woman from Arles, the recognised ‘second Rome of the south of France’, Arlésienne is the new fragrance line of L’Occitane.

Arles is a discreet town that upholds the Place de la Major, narrow alleys that lead to the banks of the Rhône, and neighbourhoods of the La Roquette district. It is also a place with the most Roman monuments after Rome itself.

L'Occitane eau de toilette 2.jpg

The aromatic sensory formulations of the brand continue to be stimulated by the scent of Provence and remain with the genuine ingredients it has embraced since 1976.

The Arlésienne perfume is a burst of colour and joie de vivre emitted through a beautiful fusion of saffron, violet, Grasse rose, mandarin orange, lily, sandalwood, and tonka bean.

L'Occitane Huile de soin et poudre sublime.jpg

The Body Oil is a sheer serum that helps nourish and scent the body and hair. The Beautifying Powder leaves a feminine sheen on the skin.

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