Tory Burch’s Beautiful Shades of Chic

Tory Burch had everyone in mind with the latest Lip Colour Collection. A range of skin tones matches the 12 new shades from subtle nudes to delicate pinks.

tory-burch-lipstick-collectionSwizzle (fourth from left); Tomboy (fifth from right); Pas du Tout (fourth from right)

Literally tinted with a personalised touch, the lipsticks are scented with Tory Burch fragrances like cassis, grapefruit, and mandarin to put some flavour into the colour. The names come with a little history, too: the signature ‘Pas du Tout’, a balanced pink-nude that is sheer but vibrant, takes its label from a phrase often used by Tory’s father, Buddy.

‘Tomboy’, a pinky bronze, pays homage to Tory’s childhood persona while the ‘Swizzle’, a red-plum with silver shimmer, to a family favourite gentleman’s drink. The gorgeous gold and orange fretwork that decorates the case of each lipstick adds to the entire package and makes this a must-have for the season.

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