Boucheron in evening dress



Time appears wrapped in designer couture codes and swathed in exquisitely feminine elegance. Silk threads, frills, bows and lace… So if you’re still hesitating between a dress and a timepiece for Christmas, there’s actually no need to choose, since the watch itself dresses you in fine style to ensure you are the belle of every ball…

A great watch is a perfect complement to any chic outfit, while the distinctive couture style treats the ladies who wear it with the luxury of making the outfit an ‘accessory’ factor. Whether it is an evening watch or a model that is designed to wear, an impeccably dressed timepiece that is sensual lined with beautiful fringes designed to enhance their appeal. There is nonetheless no need to have a fashion model-sized figure, since it beautifully and impeccably adorn every wrist without exception!


No, the ultra-chic bow tie is not for men only! And no, it is not only worn around the neck with a tuxedo. In a daring break with tradition, French Maison Boucheron has opted to place the elegant bow on the wrist in the form of a strap for their iconic Reflet watch. The strap of this cult model, featuring geometrical lines that have been fascinating women – and men! – since 1947, is smoothly interchangeable. The system makes switching from the leather version to this satin strap, as simple as child’s play.

In the picture: a Reflet watch in steel with a dial in hematite color, from €.2450, Papillon Bow Tie bracelet: €.200. The Boucheron Reflet ‘Papillon’ Bow Tie bracelet is issued in a 26-piece limited edition picking up the Maison’s prestigious address on the Place Vendôme Paris,

Come into the wonderful world of Boucheron.




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