Bath and Body Works makes an exciting debut with it’s new signature Dark Kiss Eau de Parfum! Bath and Body Works launches a new version of its popular fragrance Dark Kiss (Eau de Toilette) with a new look and enhanced concentration as Dark Kiss Eau de Parfum. Their best-selling and Middle East’s favorite fragrance now lasts even longer now lasts! The inimitable exotic blend of Blackberry, plum and smoky dark vanilla is one of the most unique fragrances to grace the region.

Top: Bergamot, Incense, Mirabelle Plum, Black Raspberry
Heart: Amber, Burgundy Rose, Geranium, Peony
Base: Dark Vanilla Bean, Labdanum, Vetiver, Sensual Balsam, Musks

The Daily Trio brings you the ultimate experience! After a lathering, sumptuous Shower Gel cleansing, layer on the moisturizing, pampering Lotion and add the finishing fragrance touches with the incredible Fine Fragrance Mist!

Want the electric aroma to dazzle through the day or night? Add that extra touch of elegance and sophistication with a few sprays of the new Dark Kiss Eau de Parfum.




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