Armand Basi Rose Lumière


Following the success of the launch of Rose Glacée, we welcome a new Rose fragrance by Armand Basi. It’s called Rose Lumière and is inspired by the charm of a discreet woman, who nevertheless shines and illuminates everything that surrounds her.

Armand Basi Rose Glacée paid tribute to the rose as the essence of the feminine, something which keeps all its freshness thanks to the frost that preserves it forever in its most splendid and magnificent moment.

But the rose, so feminine and delicate, is also diverse and changing, and like the personality of women, holds many nuances, mysteries and complexities. Why not delve deeper into them? The rose is opulence, sensuality, intensity, but it is also fragility, tenderness, light …


Armand Basi Rose LumièreArmand Basi Rose Lumière is directed at a woman in the prime of youth, elegant and natural with a special charm, which seizes you, because it arises precisely from her discreet attitude and lack of vanity. She is authentic, tender, quiet and intimate and her beauty is accessible, friendly and empathetic.

Like a secret and mysterious rose, she keeps the key to her wonderful femininity inside. She is a Rose Lumiêre.

The fragrance like a drop of light, like a spotlight on the most discreet of women who seduces precisely because of her desire for discretion.



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