Poiray Flower



Among all the famous and legendary French jewellers, Poiray, since its creation in 1975 has forged an excellent reputation for their design audacity that provides a welcome alternative to traditional jewellery.

Inspired by the flower power influence of the 1970’s, the Maison Poiray played on words and decided to celebrate its 40th anniversary in style with the Flower Poiray.

In the course of its history, the brand has become known for creating innovative jewellery. Sixteen patents were required to develop an articulated daisy with 12 petals set with diamonds and a central stone representing the pistil.


A yellow sapphire of 1.30 carats with petals set with 162 diamonds (1.89 carats) and mounted on white gold.

A super confortable and playful ring due to the moving petals articulated with a pretty subtle mechanism. Close the flower and open it with the movement of your wrist, it’s a Wow effect assured!

The initial idea was to reproduce the sensual and poetic image of the blooming flower. To push it even further, French Maison Poiray has thrown us back to childhood when we used to pull the petals out of the daisies playing the game ‘he loves me, he loves me not’.

FLOWER POIRAY 3In result, Poiray developed a line of colored daisies to play with no intermission. Created in white or yellow gold and different colored stones, four stunning versions of the Flower Poiray have been made so far with…

With peace and love… just enjoy!





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