Your Little Chloés

As the ultimate Chloé Eau de Parfum Lover we were absolutely thrilled to hear that there will be a new limited edition of little signature Chloé perfume vials.



Chloé brightens the season with My Little Chloés, a trio of limited-edition miniature fragrances featuring the perfumes of the signature line: Chloé, Roses de Chloé and L’Eau de Chloé.

Each olfactory variation expresses the different facets of the rose, the iconic flower of Chloé perfumes


An adorable reference to the gardens of Paris, from Luxembourg to the Tuileries… havens of greenery in the city that echo the spirit of Chloé: authentic, free and elegant.

Sensual and radiant for l’eau de parfum, tender and fresh for roses de chloé, light and buoyant for l’eau de chloé.

Presented in 20ml bottles, My Little Chloés are available single or in a set combining the three fragrances also in 20ml bottles. Make sure to get your own little Chloé!


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