Calvin Klein CK One Summer

Calvin Klein CK One Summer 2015.jpg

Cool off on the shore.

Relax in shallow waters.

Let your mind drift away.

Ocean Waves GIF

Calvin Klein CK One Summer opens with an icy gin and tonic accord with a crisp citrus twist. juniper berry and star anise surface with an effervescent and energetic edge in the middle. amberwood adds a beating sensation of bare sun-kissed skin at the dry dawn, offering a fragrance experience for both men and women inspired by the tropical blue sea.

  • Top: lime and lemon peel, juniper berry, iced watermelon
  • Heart: ginger root + ginger, star anise, wet cucumber
  • Base: musk, amberwood, patchouli

The iconic Calvin Klein CK One Summer bottle reflects the beauty of a sun-drenched reef; the back of the glass bottle is textured with ripples, allowing the crystal-clear juice to enhance the illusion of patterns in the powdery sand of the azure sea.

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