Diesel Loverdose Red Kiss

Diesel Loverdose Red Kiss Parfum Lips.jpg

Diesel introduces Loverdose Red Kiss, its new feminine fragrance. A perfume with a torrid and passionate sensuality.

The new fragrance continues the Loverdose collection that already includes Loverdose Eau de Parfum from 2011, Loverdose Eau de Toilette from 2012, Loverdose Tattoo Eau de Parfum from 2013 and Loverdose Eau de Toilette from 2014.

Diesel, Loverdose Red Kiss, an embodiment of the perfect kiss, Loverdose Red Kiss by diesel invites you into a world passion and mesmerising emotions. The fragrance is also announced as a weapon of mass seduction and as a dangerous aphrodisiac. A succulent sweet oriental fragrance, tangy blackcurrant, apple and bergamot all sweetened by sugar provide a sweet, fruity head before the fragrance sinks into a smooth, sweet heart of cacao pod, hazelnut and apricot. Finally an edge of amber and patchouli creates a firm, savoury base to contrast and play upon the fragrance’s sweetness.

 Are you ready for the perfect kiss … one that makes your heart race ?!

Loverdose Red Kiss, a true experience of pure passion.


Diesel Loverdose Red Kiss Parfum.jpg

Wild, passionate, intense and seductive: The New Loverdose Red Kiss turns heads like never before. The fragrance will be available as 30, 50 and 75 ml Eau de Parfum in red bottle of the Loverdose design.

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