Mothersday: Nina Ricci ‘Coeur-Joie’ by Lalique

Coeur-Joie is a feminine perfume by Nina Ricci. The scent was launched in 1946 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Germaine Cellier. The bottle was designed by Marc Lalique.


Nina Ricci Coeur-Joie by Lalique

Launged in 1946, but still when people see the signed Lalique handmade crystal bottle for the first time… you hear a lot of Ohhhhh’s. A bottle in the shape of a heart, that looks great from every corner you look at it, designed by Marc Lalique. A true timeless classic, and for many people in the business the most romantic bottle ever designed. So that makes it a great present for mothersday (or weddings, birthdays etc)! Even if you don’t want to open it! It’s a precious item on every dressing table. Such a pitty it’s very hard to get. It’s still in production, but it’s what they call a Boutique fragrance, so you can find it in the Nina Ricci Boutiques and in some vèry selected stores.  It’s not only a perfume, it’s a piece of art, like many Lalique perfume bottles.

Coeur-Joie (1946)

Nina Ricci Coeur-Joie by Lalique

This scent is just perfect in my eyes, I own 3 vintage crystal bottles, and one new ‘expensive’ reissued version bottle. The lovely round bottles by Lalique look good in my Lalique collection, and I am lucky to own so much of this very rare and hard to find scent so I sometimes just open one of the bottles to smell what I think is a perfect perfume…

A precious item that goes from mother to daughter (or grandson…. when he is working in cosmetics…lol).

Rating Fragance: 8.5/10

by Jean Amr

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