Atelier des Ors Rose Omeyyade


Atelier des Ors Rose Omeyyade.jpg

A flower, its delicacy
Rose, a petal of sensuality
Umayyadthe bewitching East
One surrenders
On a bed ofscented wood
A sensual Delight

Atelier Des Ors, ‘Haute Parfumerie with poetry’. Give back an element of mystery and imagination to the fragrance. Atelier Des Ors was born from that desire and the passion of its creators. Passion for the heritage of French Haute Parfumerie.

Unlimited passion for the distinctive olfactory chords and partitions. Passion for gold that our artists and craftsmen handle with virtuosity. Atelier Des Ors poetically magnifies each of its creations in a glittering ballet of stardust. An intensely distinguished emotion.


Bewitching, beautiful, and a touch too beguiling to be completely safe, Rose Omeyyade is the very definition of a secret weapon. Named for the Umayyad dynasty, whose kingdom once stretched from Westernmost Europe to the Middle East. Rose Omeyyade tells of the grandeur of the lavishly decorated Levant palaces. A resounding ode to sensuality and refinement once captured in orientalist paintings. An intense and bewitching velvety fragrance inspired by the precious and captivating Damask Rose. Rose Omeyyade is as expansive and cultured as its namesake- a truly extraordinary floral.

Top: Pink pepper, Rose buds
Heart: atchouli, Gaiacwood, Brown sugar accord
Base: Sandalwood, Agarwood, Amber

Created by Marie Salamagne. Rose Omeyyade opens with a burst of delectable florals, rich Damask Rose paired with fruity raspberry and energized with pink pepper. A heart of caramelized patchouli and rich gaiac furthers the east-meets-west motif with mouthwatering potency, which only deepens in the warm, soft and subtly animalic base of oud and amber. With its immediate floral appeal and dark, seductive twists, Rose Omeyyade is the kind of floral that makes heads turn- and then turn again.



The flacon’s back embossing symbolizes sun, light and radiance. As the flacon captures the light, the golden hue of the fragrance creates a glittering reflection. Gold conveys the noble and eternal side of the brand while the flacon’s shape reflects its addictive, sensual side. The Art Deco pattern stands for sophistication and elegance and is a tribute to the golden era of French Haute Parfumerie. The classic yet contemporary packaging expresses the timeless refinement of Atelier Des Ors. The logo, embossed on the heavy cap like a craftsman’s seal, confirms the artistic and aesthetic dimension of Atelier Des Ors. The logo depicts a sea horse, a hallmark for 24k gold in France.

Atelier des Ors Rose Omeyyade is availble as 100ml Eau de Parfum.




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