Flowers, Crystal, Art Deco, the perfect combination

I love flowers. All kinds of… (ok… I have my preferences). I love the Art Deco style (ok….I have my preferences in that too). Flowers you have to put in a vase, and I have many of them… In all kind of shapes, sizes, styles and materials, like glass, crystal or porcelain. Most of them related in some way to the Art Deco style, but also some Empire. Some very cheap, others some special handmade precious items. Always surging for something special on the internet, or in some little secondhand shops…. to find something to put my flowers in….


William Yeoward Crystal Cristina Footed Trumpet Vase 16″ / 40cm

(Click photo to enlarge).

I found an amazing range of fantastic vases! A fabulous collection of handmade and handcut crystal with dramatic cutting. The shapes are really wonderful. Traditional Art Deco trumpet shapes (ohh I love!) or modern dramatically cut spherical vases. All manner of sizes are available, from small bud vases to magnificent table centre vases. Delicately engraved or with bold flat cuts – designs for any setting. But those Art Deco style trumpet vases…..

………they are made for my flowers! Really!! They are!! That’s crystal clear!!

William Yeoward Crystal Victoria Footed Trumpet Vase 9″ / 23cm
(Click photo to enlarge).

Found on

by Jean Amr




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