Boucheron’s Quatre gets reimagined as a scintillating fragrance




A new Boucheron fragrance is aways very exiting! Introducing the new Boucheron Quatre fragrance for Woman, a modern and daring olfactory interpretation of the French Maison’s iconic ring. Strongly assertive and contemporary, it reveals the strenght of character of those who wear it. The fragrance is the expression of a subtle balance of modernity and heritage, innovation and tradition, rock/shock and chic.

Boucheron Quatre fragrance is floral with juicy fruity notes and sophisticated woody shades and its composition is signed by perfumers Nathalie Gracia-Cetto, Nadège Le Garlantezec and Antoine Maisondieu of Givaudan. The perfume will be packed in a cylindrical shape inspired by the Quatre ring. The upper part of the flacon is a replica of the ring design with parts alluding at yellow and white gold, while the on/off rotating closing system facilitates that the rings on top are never removed from the flacon.


Capture d’écran 2015-04-14 à 12_48_02

Boucheron Quatre ‘Radiant Edition Wedding Band'(left), ‘White Edition’ (both, middle), ‘Radiant Edition’ (right) 

The uniqueness of the modern and prominent design of Quatre rings lies in their inspiration by Paris, since each part is inspired by this city: the double decorative gadroon on the rings celebrates Parisians bonded by love; ‘Clou de Paris’ reinterprets the cobblestone lanes at Place Vendôme; the diamonds reflect the light of Paris while the ribbed details describe the movement and cheer in the city.


Boucheron Quatre Eau de Parfum’s unique way to open and to use

Quatre women’s edition is a floral – fruity fragrance with a woody background. It opens with accords of bitter orange, red currant green tangerine, lemon and grapefruit. Sambac jasmine and rose form the heart, along with accords of wild strawberry, peach and apple. The base includes notes of golden woods, cedar, cashmere, musk, vanilla and caramel. On one hand a very modern fragrance, but on the other hand a true classic where you can smell the heritage of the House of Boucheron.


BoucheronBoucheron Quatre and Quatre for Men would be availble as 100, 50 and 30ml Eau de Parfum from May 2015

Not only a great fragrance, but also a great (read: ‘cheap’) way to wear a real Boucheron!! Come into the wonderful world of Boucheron.







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