Lebanese dreams with Elie Saab’s La Collection des Essences

Elie Saab 4Essences

Last year Elie Saab has launched an exclusive collection of luxury fragrances ‘La Collection des Essences’, in collaboration with Beauté Prestige Internationall. La Collection des Essences is a unique collection of scents inspired by Haute Couture, crafted with the same commitment to excellence and exclusiveness that go into a Couture creation. Elie Saab was drawn to Francis Kurkdjian’s skill in composing perfumes as if they were Haute Couture gowns. So when Elie Saab, and perfumer Francis Kurkdjian decide to join their unique expertise, it gives birth to a sumptuous olfactory adventure: ‘la Collection des Essences’.

  • Essence N°1 Rose,
  • Essence N°2 Gardenia
  • Essence N°3 Ambre
  • Essence N°4 Oud

For the development of these 4 great ‘vintages’, the master perfumer Francis Kurkdjian is entered in the ultra glamorous world of the Lebanese fashion designer of international renown. Inspired by the famous drapery of Elie Saab, the Collection of species sports ultimate elegance, precision that blends light and colors, depths and subtleties, volumes and transparencies. La Collection des Essences can be worn by both women and men

A tribute to the art of trompe l’oeil in one formula olfactory bold, essence n ° 2, Gardenia, carves a flower graceful and elegant in trompe l’oeil, born of the duality of voluptuous wood and tender flowers with delicate green and white accents.

Floral radiance of the Jasmin Sambac of Egypt, infuses a decidedly voluptuous Iris heart. Essence No. 2 delivers a stylish and sophisticated wake in a caress of sandalwood rare and precious, The bottle is exceptional, made of solid glass with a magnetic cap, all fits perfect with Elie Saab’s Haute Couture! Like most Haute Couture, wearing it, and a man will never forget you…. Ever been in Lebanon? Smelling this fragrance, and you smell the wonderful Lebanese evenings. Jasmin flower trees who let escape there smell at night…. The wonderful people you meet everywhere, and all the smiles they send you. First time smelling this fragrance, was bringing back those wonderful memories I had from my visits to that beautiful country.

For me Essance n ° 2 Gardenia, is not only an ode to one of the most beautiful countries I’ve ever been, but also an ode to the codes and the know-how of the Lebanese Couture House. All 4 fragrances (100ml, €190) are rare and presious, and majestic palazzos awaiting for them…
I completely cracked Essance n ° 2 Gardenia, femininity and an absolute delicacy in total agreement with its floral notes, chyprees and eastern. This is can be easy a perfume that you can wear on a daily basis, This is not a perfume that you should wear on a daily basis because you do not want to get used to its fragrance…. let it be an exception for an exceptional day/evening! Because of that I hope you will have a LOT of those exeptional moments, so you will always have those wonderful memories!

Soon a review of all 4 La Collection des Essences

The Collection of Essances is available at Elie Saab boutique, 1, roundabout of the Champs Elysées, 75008 Paris, and when my information is right, now exclusively at Sephora Champs-Elysées, Paris

by Jean Amr

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