Tom Ford Fleur de Portfino



As the 4th Eau de Parfum in the Neroli Portofino Collection, Tom Ford’s new Fleur de Portofino exploits the hypnotic effect of Mediterranean Coastal flowers for their new Fleur de Portfino perfumes, exploring the region’s other sensory impressions like honey and orange, creating rich-yet-light fragrances for the coming season.

Tom Ford Fleur de Portofino

Featuring a blooming fragrance of bright floral accord, the Fleur de Portofino is inspired by the cascades of flowers flowing off the branches of white acacia trees finished with a gentle touch of honey. A citrus blend of Sicilian lemon, Mandarin from Sorrento, Calabrese Bergamot, and Tangerines gives the new fragrance a romantic impression of the waning sunset with a tropical backdrop. Mixing in hints of Bigarade leaves for remarkable depth and body, the Fleur de Portofino has a beautifully sophisticated scent opening with floral motifs complemented by refreshing citrus notes.

Housed in a light-blue version of the turquoise Neroli Portofino bottle, the Fleur de Portofino’s bottle is equally refreshing to complement the new fragrance. Labeled with a golden name plaque, the bottle carries an elegant design that reflects the color of where the sea meets the sand on a relaxing sunny day.

The new fragrance will be available in July, at Tom Ford Beauty Counters and Perfume Shops.


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