The flawless new Jewel in the ‘House of Houbigant’ Crown



French Maison Houbigant has a rich and illustrious history. For more than 235 years Houbigant has served as the perfumer to Royals, dignitaries and opinion leaders all over the globe, and has come to symbolise the ultimate luxury of an artisan’s touch.

The French Maison has a remarkable tradition of elegance, quality and innovation that is unparalled in the world of perfumery. Their fragrances have lasted the test of time and are as cherished today as they were many years ago.


Discover a flawless new Jewel in the ‘House of Houbigant’ Crown, Houbigant Iris des Champs, a regal oriental-floral fragrance for her.

As the Iris, (or Lily) is the symbol of Royalty in France, it is beautifully fitting that the House of Houbigant, with strong historical aristocratic origins, pay homage to the Iris with this captivating and sensual woman’s scent. Inspired by Paul Parquet, the House of Houbigant undertook the formulating of this luxurious and enticing women’s fragrance with a very unique approach.
Paul Parquet said of his scent based on his idea of how Fern leaves ought to smell, “if God gave ferns a smell, they would smell like Fougère Royale”. This perfume development of Iris des Champs is the result of a collaboration between the House of Houbigant and Mathieu Nardin, perfumer at Robertet.

The extraction process for the Iris is long and delicate. As the bounty of the Iris derives from the Rhizomes, or root, of the plant which is rich, unique and fragrant, where the flower itself is largely odourless; they set out to create something truly special – their vision of how the Iris Lily should smell. What Paul Parquet did for the Fern with Fougère Royale, Maison Houbigant has done for the precious Iris with the exquisite Iris des Champs.


Redolent of a blossoming iris field in Tuscany on a beautiful spring day, this elegant and stylish scent that withholds a sacred legacy of royalty from its main note of precious Iris, the symbol of aristocracy in France. The perfect accompaniment to a modern–day queen with an alluring presence, this unique composition compliments her individuality and flare with its compelling and alluring scent.

Nobile notes of Lily of the valley and bergamot reign over the floral heart of iris, rose and jasmine, while the dominant base notes of sandalwood, amber and vanilla crown this oriental composition with a glorious dry down.



Houbigant-Iris-des-Champs-Box-FlaconIntense and alluring, this scent available in both Extract and Eau de Parfum, is unforgettable, evoking the feeling of roaming through the Tuscany countryside on a beautiful spring day.

Iris des Champs – for the exceptional woman. Houbigant Iris des Champs is available at selcted stores worldwide. Come into the wonderful world of Houbigant.





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