Changing the face of beauty

Perricone MD’s ‘No Makeup Skincare’ transforms the appearance of ageing skin, bestowing it with a healthy radiance (Click photo to enlarge).

Those stateside have already benefited from Dr Nicholas Perricone’s latest innovation, but the rest of us are finally getting to experience his brilliant No Makeup Skincare, a range of staples that marry anti-ageing skincare with the art of makeup to deliver a more youthful, flawless complexion in one fell swoop.

Take a close look at the packages of No Bronzer Bronzer, and the No Foundation Foundation Serum! Amazing! (Click to enlarge).
The collection includes seven essentials, such as ‘No Foundation Foundation’ and ‘No Mascara Mascara’ that enhance the texture, appearance and feel of skin. Designed to restore radiance and colour to ageing, dull skin, Perricone MD’s game-changing ingredients form the foundation for dewy complexions. Vitamin C adds warmth and diminishes dark eye circles; neuropeptides define thick lashes and enhance lip contours; and alpha lipoic acid imparts a glowing finish to the treatment foundations.One of our favourites, the ‘No Blush Blush’, penetrates deeply into the skin, leaving behind a beautifully natural flush of colour. The cheeks turn rosy thanks to complex scientific formulations such as DMAE, which is known to reduce the build-up of age pigmentation, while the pink hue imparts a radiant perfusion. It’s a product that will ensure the healthy summer glow continues into autumn.

The collection is exclusively available at Selfridges now, and will launch in other leading department stores and at Perricone  MD this month.  Prices start at £25
Hope to give you a closer look at it soon….

by Jean Amr

2 thoughts on “Changing the face of beauty

  1. ahh i’ve already tried this out in sephora and everything is gorgeous! i really want to get the no makeup blush at some point 🙂
    instagram: the_ch1ara

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