Ralph Lauren’s High-Tech Shirt

Ralph Lauren Polo Smart Tech Shirt
Yesterday, on August 27, fashion house Ralph Lauren launched a high tech shirt for men. This high-tech shirt will be first availble in the United States.
A year ago, the innovative product was announced, following the US Open tennis tournament. Developed with the Canadian biometric smartwear company OMsignal: together they have made a shirt that, thanks to integrated sensors, the heart rate, breathing, the number of steps, the distance, the number of calories and the stress level can measure!


Ralph Lauren PoloTech Shirt (Click photo to enlarge).

The next evolution of wearable technology from Ralph Lauren, the Ralph Lauren PoloTech Shirt works with an iPhone® (sorry Android users, no fun for you!) to put real-time workout data in the palm of your hand. Silver fibers woven directly into the fabric read heart rate and breathing depth and balance, as well as other key metrics, which are streamed to your device via a detachable, Bluetooth-enabled black box. Created exclusively for use with the shirt, the PoloTech App (available from the US App Store only) offers live biometrics, adaptive workouts and more. The shirt seamlessly melds modern innovation with an iconic look that is unmistakably Polo.


Ralph Lauren PoloTech Shirt (Click photo to enlarge).

The information is then forwarded to a real time via Bluetooth app and in beautiful curves.



While the Polo Tech will only will be availble for men, the company is also toward a womens version and expanding it’s line of smart wear to include other types of clothing. Maybe even a smart suit? Of course, given the price point of the shirt alone, you’ll have to be prepared to shell out some major change for this personalized workout divice, but hey…. just think of it this way, at 295$ / €250 it’s still 50$ cheaper than the Apple watch. And a body like that…. is not included.


More information at: http://www.ralphlauren.com/product/index.jsp?productId=69917696

by Jean Amr

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