Space NK In Peace Limited Edition

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As the collaboration between Space NK and Women for Women International enters its second year, a Limited Edition has been commissioned that celebrates the colours, arts and patterns from the countries supported by the initiative.

Created by Azzi Glasser, a world renowned perfumer, In Peace opens with top notes of Pimento and Divine French Iris, soft Mimosa and creamy Suede notes follow to reveal the passionate heart of the fragrance. Finally White Musk Sandalwood and Tonka Bean infuse your senses, leaving a very feminine, lasting impression.


In Peace Eau de Parfum is designed to promote peace, and drive sponsorships for Women for Women International programmes. The new limited edition design, ‘Eden’ by Lo Cole, which has been created to celebrate International Peace Day has been inspired by the colours, art and patterns from the eight countries in which Women for Women International operate – Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, the Democratic Republic of Congo, South Sudan, Nigeria, Rwanda, Afghanistan and Iraq – and is a celebration of life, light and peace.charitable products.

I was touched and inspired by the incredible work that Women for Women International do in parts of the world that have been torn apart by war, helping people emotionally and physically in such a positive way.
I translated this emotional feeling into a fragrance that would remind the wearer of how they have contributed to these amazing womens’ lives around the world.

Azzi Glasser

Ten per cent of the profits from the sale of each bottle will go directly to Women for Women’s sponsorship programme, which supports women survivors of war to enable them to rebuild their lives and promote peaceful communities. It is also hoped that women purchasing the perfume, feel inspired by this charitable partnership and go on to become a Women for Women International sponsor themselves.


If you fancy picking up a bottle, you may want to do so on either Wednesday or Thursday this week when Space NK hold their Beauty Anthology event… For every purchase over £150 you will receive the above goody bag containing 28 beautiful deluxe sample sizes of their pick of their brands.

For more details on how to get your tickets for the event look here: 

Come into the world of SpaceNK

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