Anna Sui Romantica Fall Collection

This Fall, imaginative designer Anna Sui is enchanting us with some beautiful products including a perfume, nail polishes and foil art as well as a BB cream, a luxurious loose face powder and a beautiful lipstick!

Anna Sui Romantica


Anna Sui Romantica

Anna Sui Romantica is classified as a Sparkling Floral. ‘Romantica’ is joyous and sensuous, lively and exciting.

  • Top Notes: Calabria Bergamot, Mandarin Essence, Sparkling Pomegranate, and Watery Quince.
  • Heart notes: Rose de Mai, Osmanthus Absolute, Jasmine Petals, Orange Blossom, Water Lily and Peony Blossom
  • Base notes: White Ceylon Cedarwood, Sheer Amber, Indonesian Sandalwood, and Creamy Musk.

Soon more about this fragrance here on Yakymour…


Anna Sui Illuminating BB Cream


Anna Sui Illuminating BB Cream

The Anna Sui Illuminating BB Cream, that is available in two colors: Light Beige and Medium Beige, acts as a primer and a foundation while providing nourishing skincare and features:

  • Highly moisture-retaining and skin-softening Lychee Honey Extract that adds suppleness to skin.
  • Sweet Flag Extract that enhances circulation and warms the skin to promote healthy colour from within.
  • Radiant Oil that gives the formula a rich, honey-like texture, leaving skin plump and glowing. It also creates a film that holds in moisture and prevents evaporation for long-lasting hydration.
  • Glycol to hold onto water creating a cycle of absorbing beauty ingredients that maintain skins moisture.
  • Skin-adhering powder to ensure the resulting formula doesn’t breakdown for a long-lasting finish.
  • Uneven powder particles called Trick Powder and large spherical powder that work together to cover pores for a soft focus effect.


Anna Sui Face Powder (refilable)


Anna Sui Face Powder N & Case

With the Anna Sui Face Powder, skin is left feeling poreless and flawless. Highly moisturizing Amino Acid Powder and Phospholipid-Treated Powder make up the key ingredient of this beautiful formula. The Face Powder features:

  • Trick Powder, a common ingredient in all Anna Sui base makeup, zeroes in on pores where it diffuses and reflects light.
  • Soft Focus Powder, uneven powder particles, supports Trick Powder by covering uneven skin texture.
  • Soft Cover Powder evens skintone with medium coverage while blocking UV rays and absorbing oil.
  • Horse Chestnut Extract known for its anti-inflammatory, astringency, circulation-enhancing, skin-firming, and breakout-preventing properties.

The Anna Sui Face Powder is refilble and available in three colors: Purple Lucent, Light Beige and Natural Beige.


Anna Sui Limited Edition Lipstick C




Anna Sui Lipstick C (from top Lipstick C 304, 305, 403)

New Anna Sui Limited Edition Lipstick C. With a translucent finish, Lipstick C is available in 3 shades that leave lips hydrated, shiny and plump.


Anna Sui Bells Ring Nail Colour


Anna Sui Bells Ring Nail Colour C-312


Anna Sui Bells Ring nail Colour N930


Anna Sui Bells Ring Nail Colour S3051

A collection of 34 on-trend shades are available in new and unique textured and feature the rich scent of tea roses. The textures are:

  • Glitter: Luxurious color that glitter dramatically like jewelry, 4 shades
  • Glitter: Like gazing stars through frosted glass, 5 shades
  • Chocolate Chip: Sugary sweet ice cream colors that look good enough to eat, 4 shades
  • Shimmer: Elegant colors with the Luster of pearl, 6 shades
  • Crème: Stylist crème colors with a shiny enamel finish, 15 shades


Anna Sui Limited Edition Nail Foil Art


Anna Sui Limited Edition Nail Foil Art

Provides an endless possibility of designs. Nails should be painted with the desired nail color and tweezers should be used to gently place the foil on top of the nail. Multiple coats form a glitter to holographic effect.

by Jean Amr

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