Aramis Calligraphy Rose

Aramis Calligraphy Rose Eau de Parfum Gold Red

Aramis Calligraphy Rose focuses on the beauty and renement of the Middle East is unisex perfume reects the pairing of two ancient cras where Arabic script and modern fragrance come together as an artistic expression of one’s own personal style.

Top notes: Safron, Honeysuckle Petals, Oregano Leaves
Heart: Turkisch Rose, Myrrh, Styrax, French Lavender
Base: Ambergris, Labdanum, Musk, Olibanum

Graphic designer, Tarek Atrissi designs an elegant sketch of the word ‘rose’ in Arabic for the glass bottle and the outer package.

Aramis Calligraphy Rose is availble in one size of 100 ml as Eau de Parfum.

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