Like a manifesto… A State of Gold!


Christian Dior Collection State of Gold Look Christmas 2015 Noel

Christian Dior ‘A State of Gold’ Christmas 2015 (Click photo to enlarge)

Lots of gold this fall/winter season. It’s a state of mind, an attitude. This winter, alson the Dior woman is gold. She emanates radiant light, the light of her beauty, of her magnetic aura. This light is celebrated by Peter Philips, Creative and Image Director for Dior Makeup, in his precious Christmas 2015 collection, a gold-themed variation that takes a new approach to luxury: hushed, nuanced and secret.

Christiaan Dior Blush State of Gold Look Noel 2015 GIF

Celebrating in Dior what is most precious in every woman, Peter Philips has created an enchanting collection, a gleaming variation gilded in gold. From a festive atmosphere and in this new spirit of luxury by Dior comes a glistening, luminous universe that is both glamorous and couture, where shades and shimmer collide. Gold is joined with grey, platinum with carmine, and fresh pink enlivens silvery lime… As always at Dior, colours are celebrated and dance on scintillating palettes to enhance lustrous beauty.

Christian Dior State of Gold Christmas Collection 2015 GIF

Christian Dior Diorific Mat, Christmas 2015 Limited Edition Velvet Colour Lipstick.

Christian Dior Diorific Lipstick Gold Look Christmas Noël 2015 Edition Limitée -

In a limited edition, Diorific reinvents the purest expression of the weightless powdery matte finish for the first time in a fine film that glides on with incredible comfort. Six wonderful colors:

  • 430 Radieuse
  • 540 Magique
  • 580 Fascinante
  • 590 Troublante
  • 750 Fabuleuse
  • 770 Fantastique

Dior Xmas

Six beautiful velvet colours lipsticks, weightless and long wearing (Click photo’s to enlarge)

An easy-wearing matte whose secret lies in its unique use of an exceptionally soft and velvety micronized silicon powder. The ‘powdery’ silicon smoothes colour with no streaking while striking a subtle balance between hold and comfort. Unlike traditional matte makeup, this formula continuously moisturizes lips without drying them.

Christian Dior Addict Gloss, Christmas 2015 Limited Edition Lip Gloss

Christian Dior Addict Ultra Gloss Gold Look Noël 2015 Edition Limitée -

The magical touch of fashion and shine. Dior Addict Gloss is a declaration of love for fashion, an electrifying whirlwind of sheer glossy colours that light up the lips with shimmering, pure or pearly mirror shine.

  • 322 sparkle
  • 972 Cult

Christian Dior Addict Ultra Gloss Gold Look Noël 2015 Edition Limitée

Its magical formula gives lips unprecedented mirror shine and incredible comfort.
– the Mirror Shine complex, polarized crystalline micro-spheres adjust the reflection of light to create the magic of a dazzling mirror.
– a gel lipcare formula, enriched with hyaluronic acid spheres, plumps and moisturizes lips for an intensified volume-boosting effect.

Application tips:

Use alone for spectacular shine and a veil of colour, or in touches over lipstick to add shine in the center of the lips.

Christian Dior Diorific State of Gold, Christmas 2015 Limited Edition Golden Light Compact Powder

Diorific State of Gold - Holiday 2015 Limited Edition Golden Shimmer

A truly exquisite, shimmery illuminating powder that translucently enhances the skin texture. Embossed with a hypnotic herringbone pattern, the powder comes in two delicate shades: a golden beige and an iridescent pink.

  • 0001 Luxurious Beige
  • 0002 Sumptuous Pink

Christian Dior Diorific State of Gold - Christmas 2015 Limited Edition

Dior Xmas-004

For most perfect skin… (Click photo’s to enlarge) 

Christian Dior 5 Couleurs Collector, Christmas 2015 Limited Edition Couture colours & effect eyeshadow palette


The star of the State of Gold collection, the 5 Couleurs palette is dressed in a quintessentially urban herringbone pattern. Two brand new harmonies between muted tones and flamboyant hues.

  • 576 Eternal Gold
  • 886 Blazing Gold

Christian Dior 5 Couleurs Collector - Christmas 2015 Limited Edition -

Dior Xmas-001

Magnetic Waves Eyeshadow Palette (Click photo’s to enlarge)

A variety of textures have been brought together in a single case to create eye makeup styles through layering.

Application tips:

For a natural look, create a gradation effect using the medium shade on the entire mobile eyelid and the darker shade along the lash line. Highlight with the lightest shade beneath the brow arch and in the inner corner of the eye.
For a sophisticated look, apply the lightest shade over the entire mobile eyelid. Contrast with the darker shade in the crease and along the lash line to create structure. Apply the medium shade in the outer corner and draw it out to widen the eyes.

Christian Dior Diorshow Fusion Mono, Christmas 2015 Limited Edition

Christian Dior Show Mono Fusion Blazing State of Gold Look Noel 2015 a

Christiaan Dior Show Mono Fusion Blazing State of Gold Look Noel 2015 b

Real beautiful must have! (Click photo’s to enlarge)

A real beautiful, weightless texture that blends into the skin and dresses the eye in velvety colour. In a single step, it creates an even and intense matte finish for a professional makeup effect.

  • 631 Blazing

A beautiful and great gel-mousse texture that delivers:
– pure colour and an ultra-matte finish;
– an exquisite, velvety makeup result.

Application tips:

Take up the eyeshadow in delicate strokes with the applicator.
Apply two ways for two different effects:
– Soft fusion: applied with the fingertips, the texture blends with the skin to create a light veil of colour.
– Bold fusion: using the applicator, the finish is intensified to reveal pure matte colour.

Christian Dior Diorblush, Christmas 2015 Edition Limitée

Christiaan Dior Blush State of Gold Look Noel 2015 a

Christiaan Dior Blush State of Gold Look Noel 2015 b

(Click photo’s to enlarge)

The iconic famous blush from the House of Dior: the new colour accessory for face makeup with style.

  • 866 Rose Sublime

A unique formula that gives maximum expression to pigments! Its micronized powder texture blends seamlessly with the skin, leaving nothing but a veil of pure, evanescent, weightless colour.

Application tips:

For a healthy look, apply Diorblush with the flat of the brush to fuse the colour with the skin. For contouring application, use the beveled edge of the brush to shade temples, redefine the shape of the face and sculpt cheekbones. For even more professional results, Diorblush can also be applied using the Backstage Blush Brush N°16 with an angled shape designed for soft and perfectly seamless application along the contours and hollows of the cheeks.

Christian Dior Diorific Vernis, Christmas 2015 Limited Edition Diorific State of Gold

Christian Dior Diorific Vernis - Holiday 2015 Limited Edition Dressed Up Nails

Diorific State of Gold, brimming with scintillating platinum and gold glitter, turns the nails into pure gems.

  • 001 State of Gold
  • 227 Gris-Or
  • 454 Secret
  • 951 Passion
  • 991 Mystère

Christian Dior Diorific Vernis - Holiday 2015 Limited Edition Dressed Up Nails

For beautiful dressed Up Nails (Click photo’s to enlarge)

As always at Christian Dior, colours are celebrated and dance on scintillating palettes to enhance lustrous beauty. A great look for a wonderful Christmas and a beautiful winter….

by Jean Amr



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