Byredo Bibliothèque Room Spray Combines Peach and Plum With Leather Scents

Le Cannet Yakymour Libary

Yakymour Bibliothèque

Byredo has always been one of the most forward-thinking perfume brands – and their new Bibliothèque home fragrance shows that its charismatic owner, Ben Gorham, is still thinking ahead of the curve.

What we like about it – apart from its appealingly chunky dark-grey bottle and minimalist graphics created by M/M Paris – is the fact that it’s a room spray rather than a scented candle. That might not sound like much to get excited about, but with the scented candle market reaching saturation point, it’s refreshing to see a home fragrance in a different format.

Bibiothèque is based on one of Byredo’s most popular scented candles. Byredo wants you to reconsider lighting that scented candle and opt instead for a couple spritzes of its Bibliothèque home fragrance spray. Far from a middle-of-the-mall room spray, this scent has peach and plum base-notes, mixed with patchouli, violet and peony, and a little vanilla added for good measure.


Byredo Bibliothèque Room Spray

That might not sound – or smell – very bookish, but this otherwise rather sweet fragrance (originally created by perfumer Jérôme Epinette at fragrance house Robertet) is tempered by a leather note that harkens back to the binding of antique hardcovers for a reminiscent touch.

Along with an attractively crafted 250 mL bottle, the restrained packaging and minimal graphics help make this a true must-have for the modern home. One for the bookshelf, we’d say. Available now for approximately $90 USD at Byredo.

Welcome in the world of Byredo.


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