Guerlain Diamond Lipstick

The Guerlain Diamond Studded Lipstick

‘Diamonds are a girls best friend’

The Guerlain brand was established nearly 200 years ago in Paris, France, and is still one of the highest end manufactures of beauty products in the entiry world today. The hundreds of perfumes that Guerlain has created are the usual trademark of the company, but a lot has changed when Louis Vuitton bought out the company to give it a wider appeal in other markets. With over a dozen stores with the Guerlain name attached, lipstick is one of the hottest items for the brand.


An amazing way to mark 100 years of lipstick

Even they treat your lips vèry well, and their truely wonderful colors , a Guerlain lipstick is far from cheap with each tube usually selling for $50. The Diamond Lipstick is the cream of the crop with almost 200 diamonds on the tube, and being handmade of 18kt yellow gold with a price tag  of $62.000. If you want red lips that look like rubys , there are actually rubies coating the inner lining of the tube to better help you to get that look.

If you drop this kind of money, Guerlain will make the lipstick in whatever color you want, wich should be the standard for anything with this high of a price tag.

by Jean Amr






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