aussieBum Lightning


If you doubt yourself, wear something else

aussieBum is one famous brands of underwear in the world that can boast an e-commerce interactive and constantly updated. This Australian brand has managed to conquer the entire globe thanx to their always new, different, fun and original and their truly accessible to all creations.


The  Lightning Range strikes back with 3 brand new custom engineered prints across the popular brief and hipster underwear styles plus the brand new ankle length long-john cut and long sleeved shirt for the full look!

The masculine tartan printed underwear and long-johns are made from the softest Micro Modal which is also featured on the sleeves of the otherwise 100% organic cotton shirt. With three traditional color variations and our popular super-wide waistband this range truly represents masculinity and comfort in one. Strike now with Lightning!


Powerful like thunder this masculine yet energetic design uses luxury fabrics and the widest metallic high defintion waistband ever made. Were confident this style will make you feel like lightning.

More info at aussieBum

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