Serge Lutens Arabia

Serge Lutens - Arabie

Serge Lutens hommage to the Arabian dream. Many of the Serge Lutens fragrances were inspired by journeys around Middle East. Arabie was inspired by eastern spice shops; it is an exquisitely warm spicy fragrance, dense and sweet from aromatic resins, temperamental, sunny, yet mysterious like East itself.



Serge Lutens Eau de Parfum 60ml, uset with or without spray

Created in 2000 by Christopher Sheldrake, Arabie, is a solar, rich and mysterious woody fragrance where precious notes of cedar and sandal, blend in with sweet notes of candied mandarin, dried fig and date. Nutmeg, cumin and clove at the heart pervade the composition with hot spicy notes. Aromatic bay-leaf, harsh and pleasant, joins the spices, dwelling in dense resin waves of Tonka, Siamese benzoina and myrrh. The final accord of labdanum joins aromatic opulence into a harmonic wholeness. All make make the fragrance soft and silky, almost even medicinal.


Olfactive Group: Oriental

  • Top Notes: Balsam, cardamom, mandari
  • Middle Notes: Fig, myrrh, sandalwood, cedarwood
  • Base Notes: Tobacco, tonka bean, dried fruit, caraway, musk


Once applied to the skin, the fragrance reveals its sensuality and many rich facets. Serge Lutens Arabie, a beautiful, unique, warm unisex fragrance

Serge Lutens - Arabie.

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