Where Are You Going, Habibi?


Ibrahim, a young German of Turkish descent, leads a double life, living with his tradition-bound family and spending his days looking for a respectable job. But outside his parent’s aparatment, Ibo (as he’s called by his family and friends) is a confident gay man who works in a sex shop and is on the hunt for Mr. Right.

One fateful day, the charismatic and self-described straight ‘Al’ appears at his door and Ibo is instantly obsessed with the wrestler and petty criminal, secretly following him around the city. What begins as a one-sided infatuation quickly evolves into a flirtatious yet meaningful friendship. A series of unexpected events in their lives draws Ibo and Ali closer together but also threatens to tear them apart.







Writer and director Tor Iben has crafted an utterly charming story about an unlikely friendship and the universal search for love, with the subtle yet powerful theme of racial and cultural acceptance at its core.

With Cem Alkan, Martin Walde, Neil Malik Abdullah, Özay Fecht, İlknur Boyraz, Alexander Becht u.a.

Cinema start: 10.03.2016






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