Boucheron Reflet Bleu de Jodhpur


Boucheron-Reflet To-Patented-Interchangeable-Strap

For almost seventy years, its gadroons and rectangular shape have made it an icon among watches. Now French Maison Boucheron has imagined a system of interchangeable straps to make the Reflet the reflection of your individual style.

The Reflet has showcased the Jeweler of Light’s matchless know-how for almost 70 years. Imbued with elegance and simplicity, this watch has always been fashionable-through every one of its incarnations since 1947, for men and women. The Reflet plays sublimely with the radiance of light, right down to its tiniest details. Delicately sculpted gadroons and cabochons add an extra sparkle to this iconic Boucheron timepiece.

To make the watch even more unique and tailored to each moment of life, the Reflet boasts a patented interchangeable strap system that makes it infinitely customizable. In leather or stainless steel, colorful or neutral tones, each strap imprints its own attitude on the Reflet’s pure lines and extraordinary luminosity, so it ‘only sounds life’s most joyful hours’.

Boucheron debuts limited edition Reflet Bleu de Jodhpur


Following a High Jewelry collection, the new Reflet timepieces pays homage to Jodhpur, a city known for its vivid blue-painted houses. Now the Reflet arrays itself in the sparkling blue of sapphires and intense reflections white marble.

Boucheron’s latest, luxe version of the Reflet will grace just 176 wrists. Available in blue and white variations, the new Reflet Bleu de Jodhpur – which follows a jewelry collection also inspired by India’s Blue City – is limited to an exclusive 88 pieces per hue. Why settle on the figure 88? That’s the number of constellations officially recognized by astronomers.

Boucheron-Reflet-Bleu-de-Jodhpur-2bFitting, considering how the Reflet Bleu de Jodhpur leaves watch connoisseurs starry-eyed. Both models are instant classics, featuring an alligator strap, a diamond at 12 o’clock, and a cabochon sapphire-set crown. But while the blue style marvels with a twinkling aventurine glass dial, its counterpart boasts a rare marble dial – an elegant reference to yet another Indian jewel, the Taj Mahal.

Boucheron-Reflet-Bleu-de-Jodhpur-2c.jpgSixteen diamonds line each side of the white version’s steel case, in the white version of Bleu de Jodhpur, Boucheron introduces a fine layer of marble into the dial-an extremely rare mineral in watchmaking, and a soulful reference to the Taj Mahal. 

Boucheron Reflet Blue de Jodhpur, two designs in a limited edition of 88 pieces each, betokening the number of constellations in the celestial sphere are available now. Come into the beautiful and wonderful world of Boucheron.




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