Ring cycle: Precious Fendi Policromia



Despite Apple’s move into watches, Swiss Made is still the horological benchmark and Italian luxury label Fendi has been producing fashion-savvy watches in Switzerland since 1988. Now Fendi has launched a dazzling new timepiece, the Policromia. First debuted at this year’s Baselworld, the the haute joaillerie  watch was created in collaboration with jewellery designer Delfina Delettrez.


Delfina Delettrez waering her Fendi Policromia


Policromia, features a combination of colors on different surfaces, multiple shaded pieces, precious inserts and asymmetrical bezels where the layers are mixed-up in a play of full and empty volumes, recalling Palazzo Della Civiltà Italiana, the Fendi Headquarters in Rome. Elegant yet conceptual, with a surrealistic twist perfectly combines with the accurate selection of precious mineral stones, like malachite, one of the signatures by Delfina Delettrez.




A voyage through time from the mysterious myth to the future. The design of the face was inspired by the ancient city of Rome, specifically with the arches found at Fendi headquarters proving a main design element. 

Made in a series of 20, ‘Policromia’ does have a carefully constructed, deco bent. The materials – semi-precious hard stones, brushed white gold and diamonds – are texturally rich and multi-layered. ‘In the end, the result is like a fake movement – it doesn’t move but it’s like an illusion, it looks as though it should,’ she says. ‘With my own jewellery design, I like the idea of taking 
away the functionality; with the watch design, it is like I am putting it back in’.



Derived from a Greek word which means multiple colours, the new Fendi timepiece sparkles in its many shades. Here a few examples.



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