Blush according to face shape

Depending on your gorgeous face shape, blush placement is going to differ. Read on to find out how to get the best out of your shape with your favourite blush and the right brush!

First thing’s first: cleanse and moisturise your face. Then apply your base as per usual, whether it’s tinted moisturiser, foundation or a BB/CC cream plus concealer if necessary, and then move on to your eye makeup. And now, for the blush! Read on to find out where you’ll want to place your blush, which will depend on your face shape.


Blush Round Face

If there’s one golden rule when it comes to round face shapes, it’s to avoid the apples of the cheeks or else it will make your face look even rounder. Instead, make a fish face and follow the diagonal line that appears with an angled blush brush with a dusting of blush all the way up to the ear. You also don’t want to get too close to the nose so take a thin brush and line it up so it sits under the pupil, and don’t cross that line with your blush brush!


Blush Square Face

The easiest way to tell if you have a square face? Your temples, cheekbones and jawline form straight lines that literally create a square shape. You can soften these lines with blush simply by applying product to the apples of the cheek with a rounded blush brush. To find the apples, simply smile and feel for the plump bit. Lightly dust that area only with blush.


Blush Heart Shape

A heart-shaped face often comes with fantastic cheekbones that you’ll understandably want to enhance, not cover up with too much blush. Find your cheekbones by feeling for the actual bones with the tips of your fingers. Once found, apply blush with an angled brush just underneath that area. Blend a little bit onto the apples, avoiding the cheekbone. If you want to add extra oomph, apply a shimmery highlighter directly onto the cheekbone, the highest plane.


Blush Oval Shape

With a proportioned face shape, those with oval faces can technically wear blush wherever they want (lucky you!). But you’ll want to focus on your cheekbones regardless, so either make a fish face and follow the line that appears with a dusting of blush (using an angled brush), or feel for the apples of your cheeks (the plump bit) and apply blush with a rounded brush.

With your blush now expertly applied according to face shape, you’ve enhanced the best bits, so simply slick on some lip colour and you’re good to go!

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