Base instincts by Dior


Once upon a time, we were happy enough with makeup bases in that one nude or whitish shade. But they have gone all techni-colour now. Cue the Dior Diorsnow Brightening Makeup Base Colour Correction SPF35/PA+++, which come in three hues. Each has a specific purpose: pink for giving dull skin a rosy glow, beige for minimising redness, and blue for perking up a sallow complexion. Of course, the ideal situation would be to own all three shades and use each where it’s needed most.

  • The essential base for a radiant makeup.
  • Instantly targets and corrects skin imperfections for a perfectly unified finish and a fresh complexion.
  • The ultra-fluid, weightless formula blends lightly and imperceptibly into the skin for perfect makeup hold and long-lasting foundation wear.
  • The pink shade revives dull areas of the face and illuminates lackluster skin with a natural rosy glow. The complexion is purer, fresher and vitally radiant.
  • The blue shade visibly conceals sallowness to reveal a perfect bright clarity, transparency and immaculate luminosity.
  • Beige shade helps to neutralize and diminish redness of the skin. The complexion is perfectly even and translucent.

How to use:

Apply it (alone) after your regular skincare routine; or before putting on makeup.

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