MB&F Boucheron JwlryMachine went up for auction

Do you remember the MB&F JwlryMachine we talked about a few years back? An innovative and impressive gold and gem-set precious automatic wristwatch with a three dimensional movement and date, created from 2010. One of them will be on auction April, 6 at Sotheby’s ‘Important Watches’, Hong Kong.

This highly anticipated spring sale is showcasing a wide-ranging selection of stunning wristwatches. Featuring some of the most exceptional pieces made by highly coveted watch manufacturers including an unprecedented complete set of twelve Vacheron Constantin Métiers D’Art- ‘Les Masques’ engraved wristwatches, and an exquisitely crafted Ref. 5077R wristwatch with enamelled koi carps swimming on the dial, cerebrating the auspicious start of the year. The variety guarantees that everyone will have a chance to acquire fine timepieces with timeless elegance.

The JwlryMachine, an astonishing haute-joaillerie version of MB&F’s Horological Machine 3 (HM3), is the result of the collaboration of a long established French jewelry house of Boucheron and the young, cutting-edge Swiss watch manufacturer MB&F. 

Maison Boucheron is most well-known for its poetic designs which are very often inspired by natural elements such as flowers, animals, birds or insects; they are fun and beautiful at the same time. The JwlryMachine is like an MB&F with Boucheron clothing. 

Based on its ever popular model HM3, the case of the pink owl is in 18k pink gold and titanium, but modified with its new avian and feather inspired shape. The eyes at the top of the hour and minute indicator cylinders covered by cabochon rubelite, as well as the breast made of an engraved rose quartz. Underneath the owl’s breast, the swings of the gold rotor provides the illusion of its heart seems to be beating. The glowing eyes, sparkling wings and softly gleaming breast wrapped protectively around the precious HM3 engine pushes the technical and aesthetic limits of horological architecture and design further than even anyone could have imagined.

Swiss MB&F who celebrates the art of the machine combines their technology with French Boucheron who celebrates the art of jewelry. The result is an incredible work of three-dimensional art that will be made to order for those who want to add this stunning luxury to their collection.

Update: Sotheby’s made someone very happy. The watch was estimate 640,000 – 950,000 HKD, and was sold for 1,312,500 HKD (around 145.000 Euro).

You sadly missed it? The JwlryMachine is highly limited and watches will be mostly made to order. Because the watches are made to order, MB&F and Boucheron promise that almost any color the client can imagine will be feasibly available. A few MB&F retailers will carry them, but for the most part the watches will be available through Boucheron boutiques around the world. Come into the beautiful and timeless worlds of MB&F and Boucheron.

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