Ma Préférée means my favorite: its ours and from Poiray

Another Preference to the Poiray collection already full of exquisite pieces. Ma Première made them famous back in 1985 when they first launch their watch with interchangeable bracelet. Ma Préférée was born this year … a rounded version of the existing model – probably an excuse to please more women.

My Préférée is the latest Poiray watch to be added to your collection. And in case you haven’t noticed, the gadroons – or godronsas they call it – which are visible on the bezel of the case remain the Poiray DNA and impose themselves in a curvy style this time!

Indeed, French Maison Poiray, the seductive jewelry and watchmaking house on the Place Vendôme, and the prestigious rue de la Paix – where the Maison settled in 1975 – with its sparkling charm, launches its new watch. Inspired by the work and bold image of the couturier Paul Poiret, to whom it owes its name, Maison Poiray constantly reinvents, carried by the spirit of couture that distills its magic in every collection. ‘My Favorite’, between voluptuousness and strength of character, is destined to become the new preference of Poiray women, a watch that resembles them.

The case is round; the weight is light; soft to the touch, warm under the fingers, the bracelets can be changed; and you can pick a dial from a variety of options and change the bracelets upon your mood. ‘My Favorite’ imposes its forms and its irresistible look! Its full and generous curves make it comfortable and very pleasant to wear!

Discreet despite her strong personality, fulfilled, very feminine, with her sensual and voluptuous curves, she catches the eyes and even steals from ‘Ma Première’ her bracelets, adaptable on both watches. Its delicately designed godrons recall the French Maison’s attraction to Art Deco.

So chic and so Parisian, it adapts to the effervescent life of city dwellers and vibrates every day to the rhythm of their loves, desires and passions! It crosses the existence on the wrists of the elegant, runs with them from one appointment to another, between meeting, shopping, and friends.

Thanks to her good manners and her well-stocked wardrobe, she adapts in the blink of an eye to the atmospheres, the places, the atmospheres. Its curved shape, full of roundness and without asperity, makes it very simple to put bracelets or strips that are removed with a gesture and replace as easily.

From the beginning of the morning, she attacks her long day sheathed in a pretty red varnish bracelet, tuned to the lacted nails, the white blouse and the fitted trousers that she highlights.

First date, at the café: it is at the top, it is the most elegant. Meeting with the boss: a sober look is required, in a soft and refined steel strap, perfect for an accomplished working girl. To have lunch with her best friend, she shines with pleasure in a lovely purple ostrich bracelet. This afternoon in honor of her new blue suit, she wears a bright pink lizard bracelet. To go out with Jules! A romantic dinner, she dresses in a bracelet in quilted leather burgundy varnished, chic and pungent as usual, perfectly matched to a little black dress.

With its multiple bracelets and interchangeable straps, ‘My Favorite’ stands out as Poiray’s new steel reference and blows a wind of carelessness and modernity on the collections. Elegant and charming with its voluptuous, pebble and sensual shapes, it surprises by its size, its volume, its presence while discreet. Ideal for all women, active, independent, and bright.

As a reminder, the bracelets of ‘My First’, for those who would own one go on ‘My Favorite’. French chic in all its glory. Poiray’s My Favorite is available at Poiray boutiques. Come into the beautiful world of Poiray.

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